People who know me know I love my technology.  That being said, there are also times I love to hate technology.  My latest experience is the death of my Fitbit Blaze while visiting in Honduras.

My journey since then has been an interesting one.  I liked my Fitbit Blaze but wanted to get a smartwatch with a fitness tracker that had built in GPS and was also water resistant for swimming.  I started with the Samsung Smartwatch that has fitness tracking capabilities.  The Samsung Galaxy 46 mm has great reviews with an extra shout out for longer battery life but due to a smaller wrist I went with the 42 mm.  Bottom line is that it is expensive, battery life was 2 days for me and it does not have built in GPS.  So then I decided to go with the Fitbit Ionic but the salesman in the store I went to talked me out of it.  He said I should look at the Garmin which I did.  Now the Garmin in my mind is more of a Fitness tracker than a Smartwatch and straight out of the box I was not overly impressed with the display. I bought the Garmin Vivioactive 3 music. After playing around with it I decided I would return it and try the Fitbit Ionic. 

But… then I had a golf game the next day and tried out the built in golf feature on the Garmin.  Very nice.  I have had a Garmin Approach for years and need to replace mine…. So now I am thinking maybe I will keep it and live with the poorer screen quality and the quarks of the display (the display does not light up unless you touch it… or unless you have it always on) which has a negative impact on the battery.

What has been your experience with a Smartwatch…. Fitness tracker?  Did you make a decision based on features, cost social connectivity or just looks.  Let us know your thoughts.

July 18, 2019 Update.

I returned my Garmin Vivoactive 3 music for a couple reasons.  A minor reason had to do with the music.  What Garmin does not tell you is that if you want to listen to music you need to buy the Premium Sportify music subscription.  The main one being the golf feature.  I started comparing my yardages with the Vivoactive and my Approach S3 and there were significant differences. So now I am back to my FitBit Blaze (yes, I did dry it out and it is now back to life) and waiting until the fall in the hopes of something new coming available. In the meantime I have ordered a new strap for my Garmin Approach S3.  Just $8.95 and shipping is included.  Now that is a deal.

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