Being a Senior Citizen and Transitioning into Retirement

Change in the Life of a Senior

You are now a senior, now what? Do you remember the first time you showed you were 55 and could receive the golf discount or when you were 60 and received the store discount or how about when you were 65 and started collecting your pension. It is certain that each year we will be older. Now you are in your 70s… 80s…. The good news hopefully is we are still alive and living as the alternative is not an option I want to consider. I have realized there is a lot we can do as a senior and have a great quality of life. Its all about choices and yes many times that does mean a change. But really change does not need to be a bad thing. Change can be good. Change is good.

Seniors Keeping in Touch Helps the Transition… Change

For me the transition took time. I won’t say it was difficult but it did take time and some trial and error. My friends were still working and I wasn’t so what was my next stage. My transition took about 3 different retirements before I finally said I was done with working. So then my change was finding new friends involved in activities that I enjoyed doing. Then along came covid and the activities went away. That is when I started reaching out to my friends and family in different ways such as Facebook, Zoom and even used the telephone. Community is a word that has more meaning to me now as I look for “connections”.

Connecting on Facebook as a Retiree

I love Facebook as I can connect with so many so quickly. I have a small but mighty group which I love to live through vicariously. Social Media is a hobby for me as it is a great way to connect with family and friends. Lately it has also been a great way to improve my “crafting” as I follow various like minded groups who can help me as I develop my skills.
My latest posts have been around eating less meat. I grew up on meat and potatoes and I plan my meals around meat and then go from there. So since I am in a long standing rut I reached out to my Facebook friends and voila I all of a sudden have some new recipes to try.

Healthy Living for Seniors

Lately I’m hearing more and more about sustainability of food, waste of food and also what foods we need as seniors. We start to lose muscle mass in our 30s and once we reach 40 we lose about 8% of muscle mass per decade. So look out when you’re in your 60s and over. Muscle mass matters. We can slow the process down by being active and eating properly. Walking is a great start and has been a life saver during these covid times.

Choice Activities for Seniors

Fitness for Seniors

For me, walking has become my number one activity. Yes, I do wear a “Smart Watch” and I am one of those people who counts my steps and every hour I try to be sure I get my 250 steps in. Also my husband and I like to get out every morning and we go for our “daily” walk. For me, walking is easy, I can do it alone or make it a social event and join someone. If it is too cold or icy outside I have a treadmill inside which does not get much use. So now as a senior I need to consider:

  1. Cardio as a Senior
  2. Flexibility as a Senior
  3. Balance as a Senior
  4. Coordination as a Senior
  5. Strength as a Senior

Think about it, When in my younger years, I never thought about any of these components. I’m only in my 60s but climbing up ladders and carrying heavy pieces of furniture (or whatever) are not easy. But still remembering if I don’t use it…. I will loose it. Also remembering my age and all systems do not work as they did.

So according to my friend Bonnie Austen who is a Phys Ed major we need Strength Training to be sure to

  1. Increase bone density
  2. Burn calories to boost metabolism
  3. Enhance Memory
  4. Prevent Injuries
  5. Keep our Skeleton and back in proper alignment
  6. And best of all Improve our Quality of Life as a Senior

I am a firm believer that “if you don’t use it you will loose it”.

So what is your plan? How will you maintain/build body mass.

Social Media for Seniors

I have already mentioned my love for friends and family on my Facebook page. They are truly my lifeline. Then with my new found hobby of Crafting I have found all different kinds of groups who can assist me with my skill development. I have also enjoyed helping others get onto social media and connect with family and friends. Facebook seems to be the platform of choice for Seniors Social Media. Then of course many of us have learnt about Zoom,, Facetime, WhatsApp and such to keep connected with our families and especially those Grandchildren we are missing sooo much.

Cooking for Seniors

I am learning that cooking is different for seniors than it was when cooking for a family. We know that seniors need protein, perhaps high fiber diets and not as much as we used to eat. I love carbs but am looking at ways to cut down carbs. I have my morning cereal cocktail, I like my smoothies for lunch and dinners are always a problem. One that with the help of friends and social media, I have a mission to get better at. Why? Not because it is a passion of mine and I love to cook. I wish, but because if I eat better I will be healthier, have more energy and likely be a better person. So motivation is not passion but Health. So I will look for those healthy recipes in our forums.

Gardening for Seniors

I am not a gardener but in the spring, summer and fall I spend a lot of time outside puttering. You would be amazed at the number of steps you can get in “puttering” around the yard. If you don’t have a yard maybe you can adopt an area close to you. This year I am looking at my crafting meets gardening and I am thinking of attempting to create a Gnome Village. Note certain if that will come together or not but I really do like those Gnomes.

Crafting for Seniors

Well I must admit crafting is a new area for me. It covers so many areas that sky is definitely the limit. I am not a crafter or I should say was not a crafter until covid hit and we were told to “stay home”. So instead of travelling, going out to movies, out to dinner, out period I set up for indoor activities. Our first Grandchild was born in the midst of the pandemic and a friend suggested I scrapbook her journey. So that is what I started out to do. The issue is that I am not a good scrapbooker but I bought a Cricuit and I love making signs, cards, decorations and all of a sudden I’m spending hours doing something I would have never thought of doing. Who said you can’t “Teach and Old Dog New Tricks”. So I am still crafting but not as I thought I would and yes I am committed to completing my Granddaughter’s Scrapbook. So “Crafting as a Senior” has become a special gem and a real passion for me. I have been able to combine a new hobby with my love for technology and a lost love of photography. Who would have guessed. Definitely not me or my friends.


I am a little later to the grandparent scene than many of my friends, but I blame that on my kids and not me. It is a new role for my husband and I and we must admit one well worth waiting for. Being a Grandparent during a pandemic has not been the greatest as our access has been limited but my son said to add it so here goes. I am so looking forward to hearing from others about their adventures with their Grandchildren.

Travel for Seniors

Travel for seniors is huge for many of my friends and family. Many of us have been fortunate to travel. Many of my family and friends are “SnowBirds” and now, due to covid, have spent their first winter at home in many years. Definitely a change for many people and one we’ve had to adapt to and I am happy to save survived. My husband and I are at the beginning of winter travel but we have enjoyed through our work the opportunity to travel around the world. I do believe that travel for Seniors is different as many enjoy cruising and many others enjoy going to places and communities and spend the winter. There are lots of choices for seniors to travel and I am looking forward to hearing more from others.


Yes I have a Kobo and read a lot. Cannot compete with my sister who reads a lot more but fiction reading is my going to bed activity, can’t sleep and need to get back to sleep activity.

Games for Seniors

I have not/do not play games. I have friends who play a lot of Games. I am therefore adding this section for their benefit and yes, I too will get involved when pulled in. Latest game brought to my attention is Ticket to Ride. There are also lots of card games and on-line games. My favorite games that I do play are on my phone. Solitaire and Mahjong City.

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